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Other Parts of Medicare

Other Parts of Medicare

Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans)

Part D (Prescription Drug Plans)

Part C Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) provide all Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical) coverage and must cover all medically necessary services. Many plans also offer additional programs not covered by Original Medicare. To enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you must already have Original Medicare Part A and B coverage.


Some of the medically necessary services covered by Medicare Advantage plans and Original Medicare include:
Medicare Advantage plans can also include prescription drug coverage. (To get the same coverage with Original Medicare, you’d have to buy a separate prescription drug plan and pay a separate premium.)
Since Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private companies, they can be customized with extra benefits. Some benefits may provide coverage for:


Your first chance to sign up for Medicare Advantage is during your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). The IEP for Medicare starts 3 months before the month you turn 65 and ends 3 months after.
If you have Original Medicare and want to enroll in Medicare Advantage for the first time, you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Medicare’s AEP runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7.
If you’re already enrolled in Medicare Advantage, you can switch plans during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP). The Medicare Advantage OEP runs from Jan. 1 to March 31, or the annual enrollment period for Medicare.


Depending on the Medicare Advantage plan you choose, your out-of-pocket costs can vary:
To help control costs, be sure you understand the terms of your plan and the out-of-pocket costs you may be required to pay.

Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans are part of the government’s Medicare program, but they are offered and managed through approved private insurers. These plans help lower the cost of prescription drugs.
If you are entitled to Original Medicare Part A and/or enrolled in Medicare Part B, there are two ways you can get Part D Prescription Drug coverage.
Part D plans vary in costs from company to company and year to year. You might encounter:
If you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes drug coverage, your monthly plan premium will include the medical and drug portion of the plan.
Note: In some cases, your premium may be higher (Late Enrollment Penalty) if you didn’t sign up for Part D when you first became eligible. You may have to pay a late-enrollment penalty if you don’t join a Medicare Part D drug plan when you are first eligible for Medicare and you go without creditable prescription drug coverage for 63 continuous days or more.

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