Medicare Advantage Self-Enrollment

Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan is Easy!

The information on this page will help guide you through your self-enrollment experience.

If you need help at any time, call our Enrollment Hotline at 888-220-4668.

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Things To Know Before You Self-Enroll

#1: Using this tool does not guarantee your application will be accepted; all applications are subject to approval by Medicare. If you are enrolling outside of the Annual Enrollment Period (10/15-12/7) and do not have a valid election period, your application for insurance may be denied.
#2: This tool allows you to enter your prescription information to see estimated costs. However, if your entry does not match your actual prescription, there may be a cost discrepancy. To ensure you receive the most accurate estimate, please have your prescription handy as you use our tool.
#3: This tool allows you to search for doctors and facilities, but keep in mind you must have the correct spelling in order to find the correct provider. If your provider or facility does not appear in your search, they may be out of network, listed under a different name, or chose not to be listed. Please confirm with your provider that they will accept your plan before enrolling.
#4: Be sure to review the plan’s Summary of Benefits and write down the carrier’s contact information before proceeding with your enrollment application.

If You Need Help While Self-Enrolling

If you need help while self-enrolling, please contact our licensed Medicare Advisors at 888-220-4668 . We can answer your questions and help you complete your enrollment.

After You've Self-Enrolled

Your confirmation code will appear after you have successfully submitted your application. Be sure to write it down for your records. Note: This is not your policy number.

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