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AMAC’s Medicare Tip of the Week: Over-the-Counter Benefits – What Are They and How Do I Use Them?


Did you know that many Medicare Advantage plans provide an Over-the-Counter Benefit for your everyday healthcare items? These plans often have a list of items for you to choose from that can be shipped directly to your home. To learn more about how to save on things like pain relievers and first aid supplies, check out the video below!

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It happens to all of us, we catch a cold and realize our medicine cabinet is empty, then go running to the drug store to buy supplies. Truth is that those items can add up quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice if your health insurance helped pay for those things? 

The good news is that many Medicare Advantage plans do already offer an Over-the-Counter Benefit (OTC). Plan providers that offer this will usually have a catalog of items for you to choose from that includes items like pain relievers, cold medications, vitamins, medical equipment and first aid supplies.  

Once you receive your plan materials, look for information regarding your OTC benefit. If you do not find it there, be sure to call your plan provider so they can send you the information you need to utilize this benefit. After choosing which OTC items you want, you can call your plan provider to place an order or use their online order form. Over-the-Counter items will get shipped directly to your home.   

AMAC’s tip of the week is: use your Over-the-Counter Benefits to help pay for things that Medicare does not. Things like band aids and ice packs are great to stock up on because no one wants to run all the way to the store when they are injured. Doing this will save you on out-of-pocket expenses for everyday health essentials. After all, these benefits are included in your plan at no additional cost for you to use! 

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