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May 10, 2024

Why You Should Take Dental Coverage Seriously

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The pandemic may be behind us, but the toll it has taken on our teeth remains.  Data collected by the American Health Association’s Health Policy Institute between March 2020 and December 2021 tells us what we now know to be true: there has been a marked increase in cavities, cracked and chipped teeth, and other oral problems.

And while it is true that older Americans are keeping their teeth much longer than they used to, maintaining good oral health is especially important for those over age fifty- the point at which we become increasingly prone to gum disease, the precursor to more concerning health issues.

Since Original Medicare does not include routine dental coverage, it looks like the cost of dental care will continue to come out of your own pocket. This is why you should consider ways to protect yourself from the steep costs of dental care!

Brian Gay, Director of AMAC’s Health Insurance Division, says there are a variety of dental plan options available for both families and individuals of all ages that can keep your mouth healthy without breaking the bank.

“If you are of Medicare age, you may want to consider a Medicare Advantage plan. Many Medicare Advantage plans include dental coverage of some kind. And although the benefits and coverage maximums vary, you can still expect them to pay for things like x-rays, cleanings, and sometimes even procedures like crowns and root canals.”

Gay also pointed out the popularity of the Discount Dental plan offered by AMAC but made it clear that plans like these are not insurance. Rather, they save you money on a variety of dental procedures by offering a discount at participating dentists. Gay says, “These plans are suitable for folks who need immediate dental work and have not had prior coverage. Most dental discount plans charge a low fee for membership that may be paid monthly or in one annual payment.”  Either way, the savings can be significant.

For the most comprehensive coverage, Gay recommends exploring traditional, standalone dental insurance plans. Benefits can include preventive, diagnostic, basic, and major care, or a combination thereof, covering a range of services like exams, cleanings, x-rays, implants, bridges, and dentures. (For some coverage, a waiting period may apply.) Plus, there are even plans that offer vision care as an option.

Smiles are contagious. Count on AMAC’s Dental Division to help make sure you keep spreading yours around!

Call 800-750-9615 to speak to an agent today!

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